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The hotels and apartments of Roc Hotels invite you to discover some of the best holiday destinations worldwide: Minorca, Majorca, Costa del Sol, La Habana, Varadero or the Almería Coast.

Resorts in Varadero, apartments in Minorca, beach hotels in Majorca, complete accommodations in Almería... With Roc Hotels you can shape your customised holidays, selecting a dream destination and hotel. Everything at your disposal on the official website of Roc Hotels.
Almería Roc Hotels

1 hotels in Almería

Havana Roc Hotels

1 hotels in Havana

La Manga Roc Hotels
La Manga

1 hotels in La Manga

Majorca Roc Hotels

10 hotels in Majorca

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1 hotels in Marbella

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3 hotels in Minorca

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2 hotels in Varadero